Client Testimonials

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have removed identifying information below, but we wanted to go share the kind words they have provided.
5-star review

An avid negotiator in my corner

Mr. Osborn was assigned by the Federal District Court in the Western District of North Carolina to represent me in a thorny case I was involved in under the Court’s pro se settlement program, which was instituted to mediate and settle cases like mine before they go through a full-blown court proceedings. I was very pleased with the program and comforted by the mettle of a sound lawyer and avid negotiator in my corner. I developed a strong sense of trust with Mr. Osborn after our initial phone conversation and a couple of follow up meetings.

I was impressed by two things: 1. Mr. Osborn did what he said he will do—from negotiating with my opponents to the mediation and settlement of my case. 2. He did it with ease and great rapport that I have never experienced before. If you can get him to say “yes” to negotiate or mediate your case, then you can count on it being done—the right way.

5-star review

Honest, Capable, and Approachable

I was referred to Chris through my pastor after my now ex-wife abruptly left a few days before Christmas. When I met with Chris and his team, it was clear they cared about their clients and wanted to help me get through this stressful time of my life. They guided me through the process and gave me both realistic and best-case scenarios. If you are looking for attorneys that are honest, capable, and approachable, look no further.

5-star review

Formed a life long bond

Chris Osborn was incredible to work with throughout the entire legal process. The items that his firm handled for me were very complicated and involved many parties of interest.

Chris was ALWAYS available and ALWAYS responsive. He listened carefully, even when I had ideas that weren't the best ideas. He takes a very objective look at everything and offers his point of view from a legal perspective as well as a "common sense" perspective. I really feel like Chris and I formed a life long bond while dealing with some tough issues. I would highly recommend Chris and his firm to anyone! First class firm with really great people.

5-star review

Excellently prepared for the tasks at hand

Unlike most attorneys these gentlemen were well researched, excellently prepared for the tasks at hand, and never let me down. We achieved the success I sought. There is so much pretense in the legal profession and I have worked with many attorneys. They stand out as real professionals.

5-star review

Effective execution of the plan

I was impressed by the preparation, professionalism, and success I was able to enjoy with Chris at the helm of my case. His realistic evaluations of the risks and rewards along the way, his approach to challenges and his effective execution of the plan was superb. I enthusiastically endorse him.

5-star review

The only lawyer who listened

Chris Osborn is of the best lawyers that I've encountered. This guy is dedicated, truthful, and will use all of their resources to get the job done. On MLK Day 2017, Chris was the only lawyer to answer the phone and listen. It truly is an honor to have been represented by one of the best in the business and I just want to say thank you for taking my case seriously. Peace and blessings.