Mediation Services

Lawyers and disputing parties in North Carolina choose Chris Osborn when they need a mediator who:

  • Quickly understands and analyzes complex legal issues
  • Has extensive practical litigation experience
  • Employs practical technology for virtual mediations, information sharing, & e-signatures
  • Identifies creative and often novel options for overcoming obstacles to resolution
  • Skillfully helps parties identify and manage the emotional components of their conflict
  • Can respectfully provide a “reality check” to stubborn or uncooperative parties
  • Easily builds trust with all parties
  • Maintains the dignity of all parties and counsel
  • Provides a comfortable and welcoming environment conducive to cooperation

Chris has taught negotiation skills, conflict resolution theory, and mediation preparation as both a law school professor and a continuing education instructor for law firms and bar organizations around the United States. He has also remained a dedicated student of conflict resolution and regularly participates in numerous advanced training programs in collaborative practice and mediation.

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Since becoming certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as a Superior Court Mediator in 2009, Chris Osborn has served as a mediator in both Superior Court and Federal District Court cases in North Carolina involving the following matters:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Business Law
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Contract Disputes
  • Trust, Estate & Fiduciary Litigation
  • Personal Injury / Insurance Defense
  • Professional Liability & Malpractice
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Mediation Services

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