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We know that time is money—especially since, as with most legal professionals, we usually charge for our services by the hour. Unsurprisingly, every single one of our clients would prefer to spend less time and less money—particularly when they’re already facing the stress and financial upheaval associated with having a legal issue of any kind.

So we give our clients direct access to our law practice management system,, in order to streamline communications, document management, and the invoicing and payment process.

So we give our clients direct access to our law practice management system,, in order to streamline communications, document management, and the invoicing and payment process.

Client Portal Features


Accessible by both you and your attorney, the integrated calendar lists all upcoming events relevant to your case.

Document Sharing

Avoid faxing, emailing, and snail mail by simply uploading your case documents into the Client Portal, where you and connected staff members will be able to view and access them as needed.

Invoicing and Payments

The Centerbase Client Portal allows you to view or download any invoices associated with your case, and also make secure online payments via credit card, debit card, oreCheck/ACH, though the simple and secure Centerbase portal.

Secure Communication

Send sensitive or confidential information by means of secure messages directly to your attorney or our staff from within the Client Portal.   More efficient communication saves you time, headaches, and legal fees. logo Portal

For our family law clients in particular, we provide a separate secure online file and information sharing platform as the central hub for financial records in collaborative cases and mediations.  

One of the most inefficient and burdensome aspects of separation and divorce in North Carolina is the “discovery” process, in which each party provides and exchanges crucial financial information. The platform pairs an incredibly user-friendly interface with the most advanced security and encryption technology available in order to streamline that process, removing headaches and reducing fees and stress in the process.

In appropriate cases, spouses, their lawyers, and even neutral professionals who may assist with a collaborative case can all access the essential  documents and information, and use it to explore various equitable distribution settlement options, work through budgets, and or brainstorm co-parenting plan options—all within a single hub.  

dTour.Life Features

Case Access

Access the summary of your case and all financial records that you or your spouse have provided, in one centralized, secure location. Link your financial institutions for immediate download of income and expense information. Data regarding in come and expenses can be auto-categorized and easily edited or updated.


Easily upload pertinent documents (whether scanned, photographed, screenshot or downloaded from your bank, 401(k) administrator or other financial institution. Documents are conveniently linked to the related accounts for ease of access, analysis, and negotiation—again saving YOU time and money.

Assets and Debts

Know your full financial picture, before you have to make any decisions about it. A “card” for each asset, debt, or account provides a quick overview of its value, categorization, and scenarios for proposed distribution. All data form these cards is compiled into a comprehensive Net Worth Report which you, your soon-to-be-ex, and all lawyers or financial neutrals can refer to when negotiating the essential terms of a separation agreement or property division settlement.

Parenting Plan Agreements and Schedule

You can even use the site to develop a complete co-parenting agreement customized to fit the unique needs of your particular family situation.