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Everything is not a nail

March 5, 2020

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Choosing the right tool for resolving your legal dispute can make all the difference in the world

Perhaps the most crucial part of being a good builder or craftsman is identifying the right tool for a given job, and then knowing how to use it effectively to accomplish the intended purpose. Not every piece of wood needs to be nailed, and not every screw needs the same amount of torque. And very rarely does a good result follow these words:  “Well, this here sledgehammer is all we’ve got, so let’s just give it a swing and see what happens.”

The practice of law isn’t all that different.  Of course, lawyers aren’t typically perceived as builders–in fact, we are more often viewed, at best, as the expensive repairman that folks hate to have to call.  At worst, we might even be perceived as a demolition crew, more likely to leave matters worse than we found them when we arrived on the scene (and yet still expect to be paid).

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Having spent 20+ years in practicing and teaching law, I have learned how to use a wide variety of effective tools for resolving complex legal disputes. Not every problem is a nail, so to speak, and therefore the hammer of the litigation process is not always the best tool for solving it, no matter how irreconcilable the situation may seem.

Osborn Conflict Resolution is committed to helping businesses, individuals, families, and non-profits to resolve corporate, business, construction law, employment, and other commercial disputes with the most cost-effective, least time consuming, and least stressful means appropriate for a particular matter.  And our hope is that after we help you resolve the presenting problem–the matter with which you have entrusted us–you will not only feel good about how the process played out, but you might even be equipped with a few new tools and insights for navigating conflicts, which might just help you avert the next potential dispute, or resolve it on your own.